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October 18th at 4:04pm
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Aebian: About Alexander / Aebian

Find out who is Aebian and what the heck he is doing!

Welcome to the Introduction Thread of Alexander / Aebian.

I'm a developer from the planet earth who loves IT in general and built my first pc when I was around nine years old.

Quick Facts:

  • I still have a custom made rig, now with water cooling and LED monitor
  • I hate Windows (in the way its distributed)
  • I'm still a Windows Insider
  • I love Linux
  • My favorite distro is Debian
  • My favorite shell is z-shell (zsh) with oh-my-szh
  • I hate Apache (the Webserver apache2 / lighttpd)

I'm currently working for canadas largest software company called "Open Text Corporation".
When not occupied by games or web-dev /server stuff I spend my time riding my bike

If you want to contact me, you can always find myself on the freenode, quakenet and OFTC IRC network, where I'm logged in via irssi all the time or use my contact form on the left.
(Also an excellent way to check if one of my servers are up ;-) )

PS: I'm also available on   Twitter   ,   GitHub   and   LinkedIn .

My public key is: