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September 25th at 3:49am
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EasyLoadout2 now available for GTA V [RPH Plugin]

Want a Loadout System without the need of being OnDuty on LSPDFR? Here you go.

Greetings folks,

Today I wanna announce the Release of EasyLoadout 2.

EasyLoadout 2 is a Loadout plugin that doesn't require the LSPDFR plugin to function. Originally developed by sr7066 as LSPDFR plugin but discontinued.
Since it is open-source I took over the development. Installation and usage is on the GitHub Repo available.

The Plugin is heavily edited by me to fit my needs. If you want something in it, just make an issue on the GitHub Repo.
New features will be made available in the future, including dynamic parsing of GTA V weapons so that after a new GTA V DLC there is no need to update the plugin.