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Musician, Programmer, Linux Geek and what not.  more...

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About: Aebian

Alexander / Aebian

Name: Alexander
Birthday: May 10th
Nicks: Aebian / Robbe
Favorite Food: Sushi / Fish
Activities: Hiking, Biking, Cooking and IT Stuff
Favorite Bands (only some of the many): Van Halen / Sabaton / Iron Maiden / Shark Island / Judas Priest / Mötorhead / The Police / Corroded / Billy Talent / Rise Against / Sum 41 / blink-182 / Volbeat / Danko Jones / Avenged Sevenfold / Simple Plan / Queen / Guns N' Roses / Rammstein / Emigrate
Favorite Movies: Stargate / Black Hawk Down / Lone Survivor / American Sniper
Favorite Shows: Stargate (all) / Star Wars / The Mandalorian / Book Of Boba Fett / The Bad Batch / Airwolf / Knight Rider (2008 & 1982) / McGayver (1985 only)
Favorite Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch / Jason Momoa / Tom Hiddleston / Sebastian Stan

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a developer from planet earth who loves IT in general and built my first pc when I was around nine years old.
I hold a master degree in IT: Application Development and work for Canada's largest software company where I help our customers to operate their systems smoothly.
Hardware always fascinated me so I'm still using a custom made rig which can be found on this link

I'm not a full stack developer which means I couldn't do programming 24/7 my whole life. So I mess with both, hardware and software so I get my variety in IT.
When I'm not dealing with IT things then I go for a ride with my bike, climb a mountain or do cooking. I like the japanese and canadian cuisine a lot.
In fact my first job I did after high school was cook in a five-star restaurant and I did a lot of this stuff also at home in my spare time.

After that I made my master's degree. My favorite operating system is Linux and the distro is of course Debian with the z-shell as the only one ;).
Since most programs I use are not available on Linux I also use a Windows machine. I hate Windows, in the way its distributed but nevertheless I use it.
I'm also no big fan of Apache2 (lighttpd) and all of my servers are using nginx (which is awesome btw), but still their Tomcat is not bad.

I hear a lot of rock, punk rock and metal but I don't have a main genre. In fact everything that sounds good gets onto my Apple Music playlists.
Thats why I have several playlists with different sets of music. Some of my favorite artists are listed above.

In case of contact, use the fastest way to get a response, my discord server below. Other then that you can use my mail aebian(at)

PS: I'm also available on   Twitter   ,   GitHub   ,   LinkedIn , Reddit , LastFM , SoundCloud , and   Discord .

My public key can be found here

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Nobody asks to be a hero, it just sometimes turns out that way.
One man can make a difference.