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July 16th at 5:03am
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Hardware: Aebian\Network

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The network of Aebian

Component Model
Router Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-12
Switch Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Pro 24 POE

Access Point [WiFi] Ubiquiti AP-AC-Pro

Home Server 01 (ESX01) Inter-Tech 3U-30255:
- Intel Core i5 8600
- 64GB ECC 2666Mhz RAM, Z390M-ITX/ac Motherboard
- ESXi on a stick
- 4TB SSD Datastore
- 10TB Backup Storage connected via LSI controllers
Home Server 02 (ESX02) SuperMicro X10 (2U) with 12x 3.5" Caddy:
- 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4
- 256GB ECC 2133Mhz RAM
- X10DRU-i+ Motherboard
- ESXi on a stick
- 2TB SSD Datastore
- 64TB Backup Storage connected via Adaptec RAID controller
UPS V7 UPS1RM 2U1500 1E:
1500VA + V7 V7 UPSSNMP1 1E SNMP Card (Management Card)
Rack Digitus DN-19 26U-6/8-B-1
About all this
I run several services and host my own infrastructure. Everything is maintained be myself and the servers are the platform for my ESXi environment.
Access to the systems (Router, ESXi management interface, DNS server, Controller, etc.) is only possible trough my Admin Machine.

Reason for this is that I don't want to install all the Management tools on my main pc and I keep the dhcp leases seperate from my services network.

Therefore a normal connect to all the services will fail on my main pc as everything is secured by a firewall :p
Default stuff like DNS, DHCP and what not is of course still available, otherwise I couldn't connect to the (W)orld (W)ide (W)eb :D

Some Services I run on the host include:
- Docker Landscape
- Certification Authorities
- MS Active Directory
- DHCP Server
- DNS Server (with Edge)
- UniFi Controller
- Cisco UCM (PBX)
- and much more...