Alexander / Aebian

Alexander / Aebian

December 15th at 4:53pm
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Animate the catapult blast deflectors on USS Freedom

Here is how you can animate the blast deflectors on the Arma 3 carrier


The USS Freedom is the new super carrier in Arma 3 based on the Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier.
This little code snippet allows to animate the blast deflectors for each catapult. Usefull when doing AI startups and such.
Name the carrier object and change the name in the first script where it says "carrierName" and then you're good to go.

Just replace the number in the first code snippet with the one from the catapult you wanna animate and change the object for the catapult position (_carrierPartCfgCatapult ).

For deactivating the blast deflector simply use second code snippet.