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February 22nd at 4:11am
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The CodeLock Script [Arma 3]

Lock and Unlock of doors in Arma is now fancier then ever.

Hello folks,

Ever wanted to secure rooms with an access code in Arma like in those CIA movies? Now you can.
I have made a script that will create a lock system for you to use.

Everything is dynamic (means you can use it anywhere and with any object). The result is this:


You can unlock the door by entering the correct key code on the keyPad and then press Enter. If the door is open and a code is already saved, a click on Lock will close and lock the door.


When you have downloaded the file, copy the folder itsAebian to your mission folder and open up the NH_CodeLock.sqf and check the description of it.
You need to have two files in your mission root for my script to work:

  • description.ext (code for desc goes there)
  • initServer.sqf (code for init goes there)

On the misison side (in-game) you need a house and a keypad object. In the description in the SQF the keyPad object is named CellTab_01 and the house is named CellHouse_01.
Make sure the keyPad object is no house and has propper space between house and itself as the addAction otherwise won't fire up.

A Video will follow soon.

If you have questions just leave them below and I will try to answer them. That's it, your done.

Over and Out,