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July 16th at 6:02am
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Fixing Wake On LAN

Does your Wake On LAN (WoL) work? If not try these steps to solve your problem.


In the past I had the issue that my Wake On LAN was not functioning. Windows more or less disabled the ehternet adapter on shutdown.

BIOS Settings (done on ASUS UEFI in my case):

Set Advanced\APM Configuration\ErP Ready = DISABLED
Set Advanced\APM Configuration\Power on by PCI-E = ENABLED

Windows Settings you need to change:

Run a CMD as Admin and execute the following registry commandlet:
REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power" /V HiberbootEnabled /T REG_dWORD /D 0 /F

Open the "Network & Sharing Center" and set the following settings:

Power Settings:

Set Enable PME = ENABLED
Set Energy Efficient Ethernet = DISABLED
Wake on Magic Packet = ENABLED
Wake on Pattern Match = ENABLED


After that reboot the system. When done shutdown the system. WoL should work now.