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April 14th at 10:44am
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HowTo: Add OEM info to Dell Laptops

Need to download an OEM app after a clean windows install but the system is telling you, your system is not compatible? Learn how to fix it!

Greetings folks,

I recently tried to download an OEM app from the Microsoft Store but the store told me that my device is not compatible.
This was the case because I had re-installed the Windows Operating system on my Dell XPS after I bought it.

Probably many of the users out there do the same as manufacturers install so called bloat on the OEM installation which isn't needed.
So how to fix this issue then and get back on track? The solution is rather simple, all you need is a editor and a computer restart.

Save the script as batch file and run it. It will detect which kind of Dell laptop you are running and will set the OEM information accordingly.
Once done simply restart the laptop in order to activate the newly added registry entries.

After that you can download any OEM app you might want to have and which requires "OEM informations" from your Windows install.

Over and Out,