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July 16th at 4:42am
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Own Domains for UNMS & CRM

Want to have a dedicated domain for the CRM part of UNMS to show to your clients? Here is how!

Hi folks,

For those of you who use UNMS you probably notice that Ubiquiti introduced CRM in 1.0.4. I've read a lot of posts about users having trouble to setup a special domain just for the CRM part.
This post will cover how to do that. I will use nginx for all my tasks and I have a dedicated nginx used as proxy. Also I use includes for SSL configs and php configs alike. Adapt to your system were needed.

Config for the UNMS part:

This is basically just the default UNMS config, modified to redirect to the CRM part when the client zone is accessed.

Config for the CRM part:

This config is adapted for the CRM part. The important part is on line 27 where the root path will automatically redirect to the client zone. Line 34 also makes a failsafe redirect back to the client zone.
This way your end-users will never reach UNMS even if they think they're clever ;)

Be advised that you still need to use the UNMS URL if you want to reach the CRM Admin part. For example
Drop questions in the comment section if you have any. Experienced nginx users should be familiar with the config.

Over and Out,