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July 16th at 4:52am
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HowTo: Previous Updates via Steam

Ever wanted to download a previous update via Steam? Here's how

Greetings folks,

In this post I will explain how you can download a previous uopdate via Steam.

What do you need?

SteamDB Part

GO to the SteamDB and look for your game you want to get an previous update from.

In my case I used the game Ravenfield for this post. Be sure to remember the AppID.

Second part is to go to Depots >> [DepotID of your Supported System] >> Manifests

Now pick the manifest ID of the update you want to download.

Browser Part

Open the console via steam://nav/console in your browser. Your browser should ask you to open Steam.

In the console then type this: download_depot 636480 636481 3080636643388421598

Where the first number is the AppID. The second number is the DepotID. The third number is the ManifestID.

After that Steam will download the files into a special folder. Upon finish it will display the location in your console.

Thats it!

Over and out,