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July 16th at 4:30am
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About Huawei and why it is NOT bad

Some personal words on the whole Huawei debate...

Greetings folks,

I got sick of all the posts and speaches so I made this article.

Qoute Huawei: "Were Huawei ever to engage in malicious behaviour, it would not go unnoticed - and it would certainly destroy our business."

Yes it is true that the CFO got arrested but that's because Huawei sold hardware & phones to Iran. US made a restriction that no US made part is allowed to be sold to Iran.
Then some Five-Eyes* organisation told that there is spyware inside of the Huawei devices. Which is not the case. It was even proven to be false info.

I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro and can say that it's just an awesome device. No lags, no issues so far.
It is totally up to you what you use, but please stop posting bullshit about Huawei if you have no clue, source and evidence.

*Some Infos about the 5 Eyes (other than Wikipedia):

Thank You.

Over and Out,