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August 15th at 12:57am
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Aebian's Irssi Setup

This post will cover my current irssi setup I'm using for more then 6 years now

Hi folks,

in this post I will show off my current irssi setup so you can use it if you like.


  • Irssi
  • weed theme ( [I use the solarized version]
  • Some plugins:
    • Is mandatory for the theme.
      The other ones are optional but my plugins I use at the moment. Check out their description to see what they do.

      Thats all you need. First download the theme and place it into ~/.irssi/ then you can specifiy it later in the config. Be sure to check also the themes README for installation instructions.
      My irssi config can be found here:

Installation (Plugins):

Download the plugins for e.g. with wget:

 wget[filename].pl -O /home/user/.irssi/scripts/[filename].pl 

Do this for every script listed above. Then cd to your autorun folder and symlink the scripts like so:
ln -s [filename].pl ../[filename].pl

After that start irssi and everything should be okay. You may need to edit the colors.

Over and Out,