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May 19th at 8:07am
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OctoberCMS is now a paid platform

OctoberCMS switched to a paid platform. In this post I explain what this means.

Greetings folks,

In this post I will try to explain the new approach that OctoberCMS has taken.

What is OctoberCMS?
It is a Content Management System built with php and Laravel and TWIG. Basically a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. You can develop own plugins, download/buy already built one by the community and also design your website with powerful tools or also download/buy themes.

What happened? Why went it from open-source to paid?
Basically they focus on business customers now and to have a stable platform backed by money. Here is the link of the official announcement:
You have so called projects which house the plugins you have subscribed on the marketplace including paid ones. Now you are basically in need of a "update license" whenever you need to have access to the marketplace or update the core platform.

Depending on your size and how many projects you have, you can choose from different subscription models OR you can just buy a one-time $9 license that is valid for a year for one project. Which means you get updates for a year for $9 instead of paying $150 or more for one of their subscription packages.

However if you don't need updates, you can just continue using your OctoberCMS installation.

Should I stay with OctoberCMS?
That decision is soly up to you. I still love OctoberCMS and have developed some plugins on the platform.
Also $9 for a year of updates per project is not that big of a deal for me. Compared to other vendors this is fairly cheap.

So it is entirely up to you if you want to continue using OctoberCMS.

Over and Out,