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April 14th at 10:39am
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Optimizing GTA V

So many mods and so many bugs. Want to optimize GTA V? Here's how


You may know that GTA V is not that optimized for running with many different mods including vehicles. In this post I will share my personal experience on how to improve and optimize your game.

Let's start with my current (as of writing this guide) PC specs, so that you can compare the results with your specs.
CPU: Intel Corew i5 4670k (Watercooled)
GPU: MSI GTX 1080ti Seahawk EK (Watercooled)
RAM: 16GB G.Skill @2400Mhz, Latency around 10
Monitors: 1x FullHD - Dell P2214H & 1x 4K - Samsung UHD U32J590UQE
Playing GTA V on: 4k Resolution

What do you need?

Thirst thing you gonna do is to copy the HeapLimit Adjuster .asi file into your main GTA V directory. If you don't have the dinput8.dll ASI Loader copy that too.
Now you copy the gameconfig.xml to a temp directory. Open the XML file with your editor (I personally use Sublime Text3) and search for PedMemoryMultiplier:

By default the value is set to 500. Set it to 2000.
If thats done you can now search for VehicleMemoryMultiplier:

Change also this value from 500 to 2000

Now you can start OpenIV. Head to \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and replace the gameconfig.xml with yours.
When done head into GTA V and see the results.

Side-Note: Make sure all of your cars use 2K textures. I play GTA V on 4k resolution and you really don't see the difference.

That's it.

Over and out,