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June 20th at 9:39pm
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[Wall of Shame] Stupid Password Limitations

Passwords should be secure, so please allow secure passwords in the 21st century.

Greetings folks,

This post will serve as "Wall of Shame" for companies that have stupid password restrictions in place.
I will update this from time to time.

Company Image of proof Comments
PayPal PayPalPWSUCC.png Financial company and lax password policies in the 21st century, oh boy
Oracle OraclePWSUCC.jpg Escaping passwords is a thing, just not for Oracle
UPS UPSPWSUCC.png UPS suddenly limits to 24 chars in 2021
VMWare VMWarePWSUCC.png Max 20 chars in 2020, really?
Ubisoft UbiPWSUCC.png Max 16 chars in 2020, really?
Magix magixPWSUCC.png Max 18 chars in 2020...
westpac (Australian bank) westpacPWSUCC.png Financial company and lax password
NetApp netappPWSUCC.png Escaping passwords is a thing, just not for NetApp
McDonalds Australia AussieMcDonaldsPWSUCK.png McDonalds seems to be in the past as well.
ADP Payroll ADPPWSUCC.png 20 chars in 2021 for a payment provider, help!
MetLife MetLifePWSUCC.png Dental Insurance in 2024 likes unsecure passwords.