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July 16th at 6:10am
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Useful Codes for your octobercms installation

Some useful codes that you can use to extend your octobercms installation

In this Post I will show some twig / php codes useful for your own site.

Will be updated from time to time

How to display the User who posted the blog post?:

{{ post.user.first_name }} {{ post.user.last_name }}

How does my Disqus Comments Button work?:

The code requires that you have set-up disqus on your blog post page.

How to get the page id?

{{ }}
Add this somewhere to your site. Then Preview. The variable is replaced with the exact

Active Blog Tab also on Blog Posts

function onStart() { $this['activeMenu'] = 'blog'; }
Apply this to every page (blog post, blog posts, blog categories) of the Blog.
And the li code for it:

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